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Yvette Contois
Artist, Designer, Team Builder

Facilitating Connection Through Creativity

Yvette has been expanding creative horizons for teams, students and individuals since 2009.  Her ability to capture the attention of a group through her thoughtful delivery is remarkable. Yvette transforms art making into a shared experience that takes its participants on a mindfulness journey.  Her work with clients such as Adobe Systems, Safeway, and Cabrillo College brings their teams closer together through the engaging process of making. As a former art director who worked with SATCOM engineers for the US Department of Defense, Yvette has a proven ability to connect with groups of all sizes and across all industries.


As a painter, graphic designer and technical illustrator there truly isn’t a creative task Yvette can’t handle. The dynamic breadth of her artistic knowledge brings depth to all of Yvette’s work. In 2020, her work was featured on Pulitzer nominated author, Sid Balman Jr.’s novel “Murmuration”.


Yvette holds a degree in Visual Communication & Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia and a BFA and teaching credential from Rosemont College in Pennsylvania.

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